P.D Day Programs – Register Now!

GEMINI Model: Chloe H
GEMINI Model: Chloe H

 What better way to spend your day off then at GEMINI Modelling Agency!

We offer a variety of programs for girls of all ages.  Last friday’s ‘Good To Be A Girl’ P.D. Day program was themed “Super-Girl Spa Day” where these young ladies got to spend the day at the GEMINI Spa.  They did manicures, fun facials, reviewed skin care and even got an opportunity to practice some yoga poses and relaxation techniques.  And of course they got some time up on the runway to practice walking with Confidence and Poise!  Each Professional Activity Day has a different theme – make sure to check them out with the link below.

GEMINI Model: Brittany L
GEMINI Model: Brittany L

The next P.D Day program is on Friday, January 17th so make sure to sign up as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

For more Information & Registration please click here


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