Why it’s good to be a GEMINI Girl! – KW Girl Expo

GEMINI Model’s is excited to announce the KW Girl Expo – It’s Good to be a Girl! taking place Sunday June 5, 2016 at Pearl Waterloo.FINAL--eblast--8.5-X-11-POSTER-

The KW Girl Expo will include 2 Fashion Shows featuring graduates of the GEMINI Academy, local retailers, shopping & show exhibitors, lips & lash bar, a fun photo booth and amazing door prizes!  GEMINI has consistently hosted over 500 guests annually and this year they expect that number to grow!

This year, GEMINI has chosen to support the KW Princess Project, a local community based charity established in 2011 as their charity of choice.  They welcome all attendees of the KW Girl Expo to bring new and gently used prom, semi-formal and graduation dresses as well as footwear and accessories to be donated to the charity.   The KW Princess Project donates these items to young women in our community who could otherwise not afford them.

Our focus of the KW Girl Expo is to show the female youth in our community why it’s Good To Be A Girl!   During class, we asked our students one question. What does it mean to be a “GEMINI Girl”. In less then an hour, one of our GEMINI Academy teen students wrote this inspiring piece.  Thank you to Emma B for allowing us to share your words!

Why it’s good to be a GEMINI Girl!

DSC_1324-TUES-Emma B-bw
GEMINI Academy Student & Guest Blog Writer: Emma B

Many people ask me “What’s the point of being a model?” or “Do you want to be a model in the future?” I’ve never been able to answer those questions without some hesitation, because you aren’t technically ‘being a model’ when you join GEMINI, you’re ‘being a GIRL’.  The GEMINI Academy has opened so many doors in my life and I think it’s important to share my thoughts in this blog.

Growing up, I was never good at making friends.  But when I started going to GEMINI, I saw that I was slowly making NEW friends every class. From the first class where I was so shy and didn’t know anyone, until now at the beginning of the third term, I know everyone’s name! I’m also no longer shy to ask them questions like “Does this accessory match this top?” or “What are we doing this class?” … because I’d always lose my binder.

In my first year of going to GEMINI, when I was around 8 years old, I thought I wouldn’t be accepted. Some girls already knew each other so I thought they might like other girls more than me.   I then came to a conclusion later on in that semester, that this thought in my head was incorrect.  Going to GEMINI, was like being around another family. I was always excited for Tuesday night to come because I knew I’d get to see my new friends once again. Just thinking of going back to GEMINI brought the brightest smile to my face, and it still does!

Before writing my blog, I asked two students in my Tuesday class at GEMINI to be interviewed with two different questions:

  1. “What is the main reason you enjoy GEMINI?” One responded – “I enjoy the fun and the activities we always do, and also the positive and bubbly energy that Miss Meaghan always shows during our classes”.

I asked another girl:

  1. “Do you think that going to GEMINI ever changed your life or how you were before?” She responded – “Before I went to GEMINI, my self esteem level was quite low based on the media’s portrayal of women and girls. When I was 8, it was my first year at GEMINI and the exposure to other girls my age with the same issues helped me improve my self-esteem. The environment at GEMINI was a big change because of the staff members and their accepting nature”.

My teacher at GEMINI has always been Miss Meaghan although I have had many amazing teachers in my past. I feel she is my favourite teacher I’ve had in my short life. Over this past school year in the first two semesters plus the third one we are now being introduced with, she has always been one to help girls who need it. If someone is feeling down, or having a bad day, you can always count on Miss Meaghan to be there. She always makes sure everyone is included, and she really only had one rule I’ve never heard a teacher say in my schools in the past … “have fun”!

Hearing those words first come out of her mouth, made me feel so much more confident about myself.   I am very thankful to have Miss Meaghan as my GEMINI teacher.

As for our student teachers, they have always been so nice. And the thought that they come to GEMINI once a week or more, and balance school work (if they’re in school) plus a social life, I find very impressive. I also find it inspirational that they would be able to balance all that stress.

To the conclusion of my blog, I have many happy memories of my only two years of coming to GEMINI back in my mind, making me laugh to myself. I feel like GEMINI, has opened more windows, got me off my browsing position and on the treadmill with heels on, silently hoping I won’t fall.  I’ve learned to have better posture, learn to do a smoky eye, make sure I don’t cry while putting on my fake eyelashes, but there is one question I haven’t fully answered.

Why IS it good to be a GEMINI girl?

Throughout this blog, I’ve been trying to figure that out. That’s when I just lit up like a light bulb. It’s good to be a GEMINI girl, or just a girl, because you can be you, and no matter what, no one can take that away from you.


We could not agree more with Emma!  Thank you for allowing us to share your words with our bloggers!

Don’t miss out on this great event! Doors open at Noon. Show Times are 1:00pm and 3:00pm.  $15.00 + hst per ticket.  Tickets to the KW Girl Expo are available at KW Girl Expo Tickets or at Conestoga Mall Guest Services.




TICKETS ON SALE NOW: It’s Good To Be A Girl Fashion Show!

Conestoga Mall Poster 35x50-page-001

Here are the top 10 reasons to attend the It’s Good To Be A Girl Fashion Show on June 7, 2015 at Pearl Waterloo:

unnamed (4)

1. A Chance to Celebrate “All Things Girlie”: Our academy students have been working hard this year, learning all about the modelling and fashion industry, and can’t wait to show all they have learned. Building self-esteem, learning about hair styles, make up trends, fashion, runway styles, choreography and developing self-confidence has been the focus of the GEMINI Academy for the past 30 weeks. This is your chance to get a sneak peak of all we do!

2. Discover the GEMINI Academy: Discover the unique opportunities and programs that GEMINI Models has to offer. The Academy is all about creating self-confidence and building self-esteem in our students. We have programs for girls age 5-15. Come to the show to discover what program best fits you or a young girl in your life. (Learn about our full year programs, summer camps or custom birthday parties!)

3. Check Out the Latest Fashions: The Good To Be A Girl Fashion Show features the hottest trends for Spring and Summer 2015.  Special thanks to our major sponsors, Conestoga Mall and La Crème in St. Jacobs  for outfitting over 150 outfits.

4. Pamper Yourself: This year we will have a special lips and lash station for our guests! Also, learn tips and tricks of the hottest hair trends with live demonstrations from Capri Salon.  Get their early for your free SEBASTIAN “Swag Bag” available for the first 250 guests.

download5. Experience Magic: Need a little magic in your life? The Magnificent DJ Carrol (also, our resident acting coach) will be on site to perform unique and unforgettable magic tricks!

6. Enjoy Sweet Treats: Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt and cotton candy? Bring your loonies and toonies, there will be various food vendors there to tickle your taste buds!

Grad Show Swag

7. Pick up GEMINI Swag: Purchase a GEMINI Tank,  Custom Water Bottle, GEMINI Bracelet or Fashion Bag at the GEMINI Models Swag Table!

gemini066-L8. Say Cheese!: A silly photo booth by Flash Point Production, will be available for unique and unforgettable photos.

9. Spending the Day with Friends and Family: A memorable day to spend with the young girls in your life. With various activities and entertainment for all ages, this is a perfect opportunity to spend a Sunday afternoon celebrating that ‘It’s Good To Be A Girl”.


10. Walk the Red Carpet: Feel fabulous for your snapshot on the Red Carpet with international photographer Ema Suvajac!

Purchase your tickets now for the It’s Good To Be A Girl Show on Sunday, June 7th at Pearl in Waterloo. Tickets now available at http://www.geminimodels.com/showtickets or Conestoga Mall Guest Services.


Congratulations GEMINI Graduates 2014

Congratulations Class of 2014!

GEMINI Grad:  Photographer: Ema Suvajac
GEMINI Grad: Reese M ( JFG)
Photographer: Ema Suvajac

You did it!  We could not be more proud of our GEMINI Graduates this year.  It is such an incredible experience to watch the transformation of the young ladies who walk through our door way at the beginning of our modelling and self improvement course in October.  Each year we enroll a wide variety of girls with different personalities, styles and comfort levels.  Many of the girls are nervous and shy during the first term of the program but their comfort level and confidence always grows throughout the course.  We love the Graduation Fashion because it is a perfect opportunity for these young ladies to show off everything they have learned in the course.

GEMINI Grad:  Singing:  Photographer: Zack Lamers
GEMINI Grad: Tia S (Adv Teen)
Photographer: Zack Lamers
GEMINI Grad: Laya S (JFG)
Photographer: Ema Suvajac

Our Graduation Fashion Show this year took place at St. George Banquet Hall in Waterloo.   Similar to previous years, our students at the GEMINI Academy got the opportunity to demonstrate some of the skills they have learned through the course by putting together an outfit from home that they modelled on the runway.  The instructors Meaghan Dietrich and Sarah Davidson worked with the girls to create a different Fashion Theme for each of the classes.  And wow! Our students were very creative!  We had everything from a Rainy Day theme – complete with umbrellas and rain boots (Modelled by our Saturday – Just For Girls Modelling Program) to extreme Hollywood Glam!(Modelled by our Thursday Teen Modelling Program).


GEMINI Grad:  Photographer: Zack Lamers
GEMINI Grad: Rachel A (Teen)
Photographer: Zack Lamers

We were thrilled to once again have sponsorship from Conestoga Mall. We absolutely love working with all of the retailers at this mall. They are so welcoming, friendly and excited to be apart of this amazing event.  During the third term of the GEMINI program, our academy students had one of their modelling classes take place at one of the stores in Conestoga Mall to do some fun shopping for the Graduation Fashion Show!  Our audience got to see some of new fashion trends for spring and summer 2014 from GAP Kids, Children’s Place, Aeropostal, Bluenotes, Boathouse, West 49, Dynamite, Suzy Shier and Jean Machine.  Be sure to visit Conestoga Mall for all of your fashion needs! – Conestoga Mall Website


Our Advanced Teen Modelling Classes got to work with INSIGHT Eye Care to create four unique and unforgettable scenes. Our guests at the show got to see some fun flirty knee high socks, handmade black skirts, a scene all about jail house rock (including handcuffs!) and a scene called ‘paper dolls’.  The scenes were all tied together by the latest trends in eye wear by INSIGHT Eye Care.  Be sure to check out their store to see why we love INSIGHT Eye Care so much! – INSIGHT Eye Care Website

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La Creme’s stunning gowns also made an appearance on the runway.  Our Advance Teen Models ended the show with jaw dropping dresses from La Creme in St. Jacobs.  You could tell by the students faces and the way they walked that the gowns made them look and feel like princesses! Be sure to visit La Creme for all of your grad, prom, wedding and formal wear needs. –La Creme Website

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Also during the third term of the program our students got to learn all about the latest hair styling trends from the fabulous employees at Gina’s Salon & Spa.  They came into our studio to work with and teach our academy students some fabulous hair styles for the Graduation Fashion Show!  The talent of Gina’s employees definitely rubbed off on our students.  Their hair looked fabulous for the show!  Check out Gina’s Salon & Spa for your next hair cut or style! – Gina’s Website

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Our GEMINI Academy Students also received a lesson from one of our certified make up artist in term three, to teach them some fun runway make up.  We also had Sarah Davidson and Heidi Christensen on location at the Grad Show to help our models with fake lashes and lipgloss. Check out Sarah D’s fabulous online portfolio! – Sarah D’s Make Up Artistry Website

Grad Show Swag
GEMINI Fashion For Sale! GEMINI Fashion Team: Maura, Vanessa & Vivian! Photographer: Ema Suvajac

If our students didn’t already feel like supermodels walking on the runway with over 500 audience members, they must have when they realized two amazing photographers and one videographer where there to capture the whole event! Special thanks to Ema Suvajac Photography, Zack Lamers and Andrew Price from Amotion Films for capturing this special day.  Check out more photos from the event and order your prints here: Graduation Fashion Show Online Galleries  & Don’t forget to order your DVD’s, email meaghan@geminimodels.com today! 

A huge thank you goes out to all of our parents, students and family members who were apart of the show or audience, we couldn’t have had such a successful show without your support! We hope to see you in summer camps or again in the fall. Register Online Here!

GEM Team
GEMINI Backstage Team Photographer: Ema Suvajac


Graduation Fashion Show – June 8, 2014

Graduation Fashion Show 2014

June 8, 2014
Afternoon Show
Tickets: $10.00
Location: St. George Banquet Hall – 665 King Street N, Waterloo ON
For More Information: info@geminimodels.com

Each year the student at GEMINI Modelling Academy get an opportunity to showcase their talent and display everything they learned throughout their full year modelling and self esteem building program.

This is truly a remarkable event as the instructors and parents get an opportunity to see these beautiful young ladies transform.  Our programs begin in October and run for 29 weeks.  Each week the students get immersed in a new concept whether it be ‘Developing Beauty Inside and Out’  or ‘How to Pose Your Whole Body’ the students are sure to learn and grow.

This year the fashion show will take place at St. George Banquet Hall.   Tickets are 10 dollars each.  For more information on the Fashion Show or Fall Programs – please email info@geminimodels.com

More information on our Full Year Programs for girls of all ages, available here: http://geminimodels.com/fullyear.php

Be sure to check out our 2013 Video:

Graduation Fashion Show 2013