TICKETS ON SALE NOW: It’s Good To Be A Girl Fashion Show!

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Here are the top 10 reasons to attend the It’s Good To Be A Girl Fashion Show on June 7, 2015 at Pearl Waterloo:

unnamed (4)

1. A Chance to Celebrate “All Things Girlie”: Our academy students have been working hard this year, learning all about the modelling and fashion industry, and can’t wait to show all they have learned. Building self-esteem, learning about hair styles, make up trends, fashion, runway styles, choreography and developing self-confidence has been the focus of the GEMINI Academy for the past 30 weeks. This is your chance to get a sneak peak of all we do!

2. Discover the GEMINI Academy: Discover the unique opportunities and programs that GEMINI Models has to offer. The Academy is all about creating self-confidence and building self-esteem in our students. We have programs for girls age 5-15. Come to the show to discover what program best fits you or a young girl in your life. (Learn about our full year programs, summer camps or custom birthday parties!)

3. Check Out the Latest Fashions: The Good To Be A Girl Fashion Show features the hottest trends for Spring and Summer 2015.  Special thanks to our major sponsors, Conestoga Mall and La Crème in St. Jacobs  for outfitting over 150 outfits.

4. Pamper Yourself: This year we will have a special lips and lash station for our guests! Also, learn tips and tricks of the hottest hair trends with live demonstrations from Capri Salon.  Get their early for your free SEBASTIAN “Swag Bag” available for the first 250 guests.

download5. Experience Magic: Need a little magic in your life? The Magnificent DJ Carrol (also, our resident acting coach) will be on site to perform unique and unforgettable magic tricks!

6. Enjoy Sweet Treats: Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt and cotton candy? Bring your loonies and toonies, there will be various food vendors there to tickle your taste buds!

Grad Show Swag

7. Pick up GEMINI Swag: Purchase a GEMINI Tank,  Custom Water Bottle, GEMINI Bracelet or Fashion Bag at the GEMINI Models Swag Table!

gemini066-L8. Say Cheese!: A silly photo booth by Flash Point Production, will be available for unique and unforgettable photos.

9. Spending the Day with Friends and Family: A memorable day to spend with the young girls in your life. With various activities and entertainment for all ages, this is a perfect opportunity to spend a Sunday afternoon celebrating that ‘It’s Good To Be A Girl”.


10. Walk the Red Carpet: Feel fabulous for your snapshot on the Red Carpet with international photographer Ema Suvajac!

Purchase your tickets now for the It’s Good To Be A Girl Show on Sunday, June 7th at Pearl in Waterloo. Tickets now available at or Conestoga Mall Guest Services.



GOOD TO BE A GIRL SUMMER CAMP – NOW REGISTERING! Register before May 1st and receive $15 off

group shotLCC_4343

Looking for a fun way for your daughter to spend the summer? GEMINI Models offers a unique fun-filled summer camp for girls! There are four different camps with full and half day options, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your FASHIONISTA.

summercamp10457607_480969555380682_6751053899600290999_nJust For Girls (Ages 5-7):

This camp is perfect for girls ages 5 to 7 who love all things “girlie” and has been designed to help build confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes.

summercampnew310592684_491126894364948_7284740485723809331_nPre-Teen Camp (Ages 8-11):

Find out for yourself why more girls in the tri-cities have found this program to be the most fun and informative camp they have ever attended.  This program has been designed for girls to help build confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes.

Week3-PreTeenNEW for 2015: Pre-Teen Acting Camp (Ages 8-11):

Step outside the box and have some fun by learning the art of acting. This one week of camp will feature a morning of acting activities followed by an afternoon of all things “Girlie”. With acting taught by special guest: DJ Carroll!

photoTeen Camp (Ages 12+) 

This program has been designed to prepare girls for Gr. 7/8 and High School by building their confidence and self-esteem.

summercamp10376146_480971825380455_4936678123538634240_nFrequently Asked Questions: 

What are typical class sizes?  – 15 campers maximum

Does this camp focus heavily on the modelling industry? – No!  Modelling is used as a fun and interactive tool to help build self-confidence while at the same time keeping activities fun and inspiring.   Campers can expect other hands-on crafts and outdoor activities.  Our goal is to empower girls to be their best self.

What is your Camper to Instructor ratio? – We provide 1 adult Instructor and 1-2 Assistants per camp.

What is my daughter required to provide? – We provide all styling products and craft supplies.  Campers are asked to bring a healthy snack, hat, running shoes and a refillable water bottle daily.

Is there a grand finale to my daughter’s week at camp? Yes!  Campers will celebrate a fun and fabulous week by appearing in an inspiring Fashion Show.   Family and friends are welcome to join us for the last 30 minutes of camp on the last day of camp (Friday).  Don’t forget your camera!

Does this camp focus heavily on the modelling industry? No!  Modelling is used as a fun and interactive tool to help build self-confidence while at the same time keeping activities fun and inspiring.   Campers can expect other hands-on crafts and outdoor activities.  Our goal is to empower girls to be their best self.

Does my daughter need to wear heels? Not necessarily.  It is recommended that our Teen Campers attempt to wear heels to help them with posture and self-awareness.  (It’s no surprise we love our heels and are happy to provide a pair for use during Camp.)

Pre-Teen Main Page Pic

What are you waiting for? Our camps sell out every year and we would love to have you join us this year!

Register now and save!

Half Day Cost: $175.00 (plus HST) Register before May 1, 2015 and SAVE $15.00 per Camper! 

Full Day Cost: $350.00 (plus HST)  Register before May 1, 2015 and save $30.00 per Camper   

For more information & our course schedule and to register your daughter, please visit our website: GEMINI Models Summer Camp

Word of the Year 2015 – Annual Tradition at GEMINI

It’s that time of the year when we reflect on the past 365 days and begin to dream and set goals for the approaching year.  GEMINI has a unique, long-standing tradition of designing our future through a single word. Your Word of the Year, much like a goal, is used to form the year ahead and encourage you to step toward your dreams and ambitions.

This year, I was fortunate enough to interview students from the Academy. Their stories were not only heartwarming but inspirational.  I am thrilled to share their stories and I hope it encourages you to pick and share your Word of the Year.


This is Taylor & Kayla.  They are sister’s who are taking the Pre-Teen Modelling class together and are the first girls I had the chance to interview.  You can tell that they put a lot of time and effort into choosing their Word of the Year and I am so happy that they agreed to share their Word with you.
FullSizeRender (1) Taylor B – Tuesday Pre-Teen Modelling Program
Age: 9
Word of the Year: Confidence

  • What would you like to accomplish in your life this year?
      This year, I would like to try harder to do more work around the house to help my parents. I would also like to try harder in my classes at school. I would love to do more gymnastics and modeling this year as well and do more sports in school.
    • Why did you choose this word? I’ve been struggling in school. I chose this word because I want to try harder in school and boost my self-esteem. I decided to add a photo of a lion to my word because lion’s represent confidence.
    • What are some things you can do/say to help you live by your word for the next 365 days? I will try not to get disappointed if I get a bad mark.  I will just take it as a sign to work harder. I am also going to put the frame on my bedroom wall so that I can see it everyday.


    Kayla B – Tuesday Pre-Teen Modelling Program
    Age: 12
    Word of the Year: Push

    •  What would you like to accomplish in your life this year? This year I would really like to help my mother out around the house and excel in school. I also ride horses and would like to start competing in horse shows again.
    •  Why did you choose this word? I chose this word because it was meaningful to me. It’s easy to say you want to do something then never actually do it – I want to push myself to do more this year.
    • What are some things you can do/say to help you live by your word for the next 365 days? To remind myself to do chores, I have decided to leave myself reminders by using sticking notes, a note on my phone or ask my parents to remind me. I am also going to put my frame in my room on my dresser so I will see it every morning. I would really love to continue with riding horses.  I think of the word “push” like a door – if there is something you want to achieve on the other side of the door all you have to do is push open the door.

McKennaThis is McKenna.  She was my final interview and I want to thank her for how open and honest her replies were.  It was my first opportunity to meet and chat with her.  She is an incredibly beautiful and confident girl.  I hope that she is able to find a way to see her beauty the way the rest of the world does.

imageMcKenna T – Tuesday Intermediate Teen Modelling Program
Age: 13
Word of the Year: Confidence

  • What would you like to accomplish in your life this year?I’m going into high school beginning of September and I’m really stressed about it. I feel like there is a huge weight on my shoulders waiting to be lifted off. It’s a new chapter, new school, new people and big changes. Going into this new chapter in life I want to have confidence because its definitely something I have been lacking for a quite a while now. I definitely want to walk through those doors on day one ready to learn, ready to accomplish new things and meet new people, but mostly just to have the time of my life. To do that, I am going to need a lot of confidence!
  • Why did you choose this word? One of the reasons I chose this word is because for the past three years, I haven’t really liked who I am or the way I look. I’m sick of looking at others and wishing I was more like them.   It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been happy with my body image and accepting myself. I’m sick and tired of not wanting to go swimming because I hate the way my body looks in a bikini. I’m tired of comparing myself to others. I’ve only just told my parents about the way I’ve been feeling and their love and support has helped me a lot too! I know I am beautiful in my own way, it’s just a matter of finding that confidence. To reach the goals I have, I’m going to need as much confidence as I can get and am willing to do whatever it takes to stay confident.
  • Another reason I chose this word is to help me get better grades. I’ve been struggling with school for quite a while and a couple of years ago my grades started to go down hill and took all my confidence with them. I get very discouraged when I don’t know an answer to a question when all of my classmates seem to know the answer. It’s been my dream since I was four years old to be a teacher. I know I need a lot of confidence to reach my goals. Confidence is something I am going to keep striving for and doing my best because you can never gain enough confidence.  I am excited for the day when I look in the mirror and love what I see or look at a test and be proud of myself!
  • What are some things you can do/say to help you live by your word for the next 365 days?One of the things I can do to help me live my word and help me accomplish the things I want to is talk to someone.  Whether it is my parents or a friend, they will always say the right things.   Sometimes love and support are the best things you can have! Another thing I could do is write out the things I want to accomplish and every time I accomplish something put a really big check beside it.  Each time I accomplish something, even the smallest things, that’s a little bit of confidence I’ve gained. Another thing is if I am having a rough day and it’s just one of those days, instead of running up to my room upset thinking I deserve better than this, I can take a step back and tell myself I can be better than this! I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach these goals and to gain confidence. I am ready for the journey that is ahead of me and I’m ready to be more confident. There is going to be challenges but I am ready to take them on and be the best I can be.

Our Staff Word of The Year: 


Audrey Wilson – President & CEO

“PURPOSEFUL” – During the upcoming 12 months, I want to be keenly aware that every task I do, job I perform or relationship I build has a “purpose” or meaning.   We all live busy lives and often we forget why we do what we do.  This year I want every moment and experience to purposeful.


Laurie Cadman – Model Bookings Manager

“Diligence” – To make a constant effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body and mind. I chose this word to focus on following through and really making sure I’m on track with what I should be doing.


Meaghan Dietrich – Modelling Instructor

“Stride” – To achieve a steady and effective pace in both my work and personal life to allow continuous growth. To take all of life’s ventures in “stride” to enjoy the moments as they are before they pass.


Leah Hall- Office Administration & Blogger

“Bliss” – After a difficult year in 2014, I want to find happiness in everything I do. There are always going to be challenges in life but it’s important to find a silver lining to focus on. In 2015, I want to not only find joy in life but to share it with others.

Maura-DevonPetersMaura – Teaching Assistant

“Venture” – “a risky or daring undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome”. As I approach adulthood, I find myself having to make decisions that will impact my future. I have to venture out into the world, and trust I am on the path I am meant to be on.

ravenRaven – Teaching Assistant

“Perseverance” –  I have a lot planned for my year so I hope to persevere and keep my focus on the big picture. I won’t let anything come in my way of happiness and success.


I hope this encourages you to chose a Word of the Year.  Feel free to share your Word with us at

Congratulations GEMINI Graduates 2014

Congratulations Class of 2014!

GEMINI Grad:  Photographer: Ema Suvajac
GEMINI Grad: Reese M ( JFG)
Photographer: Ema Suvajac

You did it!  We could not be more proud of our GEMINI Graduates this year.  It is such an incredible experience to watch the transformation of the young ladies who walk through our door way at the beginning of our modelling and self improvement course in October.  Each year we enroll a wide variety of girls with different personalities, styles and comfort levels.  Many of the girls are nervous and shy during the first term of the program but their comfort level and confidence always grows throughout the course.  We love the Graduation Fashion because it is a perfect opportunity for these young ladies to show off everything they have learned in the course.

GEMINI Grad:  Singing:  Photographer: Zack Lamers
GEMINI Grad: Tia S (Adv Teen)
Photographer: Zack Lamers
GEMINI Grad: Laya S (JFG)
Photographer: Ema Suvajac

Our Graduation Fashion Show this year took place at St. George Banquet Hall in Waterloo.   Similar to previous years, our students at the GEMINI Academy got the opportunity to demonstrate some of the skills they have learned through the course by putting together an outfit from home that they modelled on the runway.  The instructors Meaghan Dietrich and Sarah Davidson worked with the girls to create a different Fashion Theme for each of the classes.  And wow! Our students were very creative!  We had everything from a Rainy Day theme – complete with umbrellas and rain boots (Modelled by our Saturday – Just For Girls Modelling Program) to extreme Hollywood Glam!(Modelled by our Thursday Teen Modelling Program).


GEMINI Grad:  Photographer: Zack Lamers
GEMINI Grad: Rachel A (Teen)
Photographer: Zack Lamers

We were thrilled to once again have sponsorship from Conestoga Mall. We absolutely love working with all of the retailers at this mall. They are so welcoming, friendly and excited to be apart of this amazing event.  During the third term of the GEMINI program, our academy students had one of their modelling classes take place at one of the stores in Conestoga Mall to do some fun shopping for the Graduation Fashion Show!  Our audience got to see some of new fashion trends for spring and summer 2014 from GAP Kids, Children’s Place, Aeropostal, Bluenotes, Boathouse, West 49, Dynamite, Suzy Shier and Jean Machine.  Be sure to visit Conestoga Mall for all of your fashion needs! – Conestoga Mall Website


Our Advanced Teen Modelling Classes got to work with INSIGHT Eye Care to create four unique and unforgettable scenes. Our guests at the show got to see some fun flirty knee high socks, handmade black skirts, a scene all about jail house rock (including handcuffs!) and a scene called ‘paper dolls’.  The scenes were all tied together by the latest trends in eye wear by INSIGHT Eye Care.  Be sure to check out their store to see why we love INSIGHT Eye Care so much! – INSIGHT Eye Care Website

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

La Creme’s stunning gowns also made an appearance on the runway.  Our Advance Teen Models ended the show with jaw dropping dresses from La Creme in St. Jacobs.  You could tell by the students faces and the way they walked that the gowns made them look and feel like princesses! Be sure to visit La Creme for all of your grad, prom, wedding and formal wear needs. –La Creme Website

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Also during the third term of the program our students got to learn all about the latest hair styling trends from the fabulous employees at Gina’s Salon & Spa.  They came into our studio to work with and teach our academy students some fabulous hair styles for the Graduation Fashion Show!  The talent of Gina’s employees definitely rubbed off on our students.  Their hair looked fabulous for the show!  Check out Gina’s Salon & Spa for your next hair cut or style! – Gina’s Website

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our GEMINI Academy Students also received a lesson from one of our certified make up artist in term three, to teach them some fun runway make up.  We also had Sarah Davidson and Heidi Christensen on location at the Grad Show to help our models with fake lashes and lipgloss. Check out Sarah D’s fabulous online portfolio! – Sarah D’s Make Up Artistry Website

Grad Show Swag
GEMINI Fashion For Sale! GEMINI Fashion Team: Maura, Vanessa & Vivian! Photographer: Ema Suvajac

If our students didn’t already feel like supermodels walking on the runway with over 500 audience members, they must have when they realized two amazing photographers and one videographer where there to capture the whole event! Special thanks to Ema Suvajac Photography, Zack Lamers and Andrew Price from Amotion Films for capturing this special day.  Check out more photos from the event and order your prints here: Graduation Fashion Show Online Galleries  & Don’t forget to order your DVD’s, email today! 

A huge thank you goes out to all of our parents, students and family members who were apart of the show or audience, we couldn’t have had such a successful show without your support! We hope to see you in summer camps or again in the fall. Register Online Here!

GEM Team
GEMINI Backstage Team Photographer: Ema Suvajac



GEMINI Summer Camp 2014

Looking for a unique, unforgettable way to spend your summer holidays?  Why not join us this summer at the GEMINI Academy Summer Camps!



GEMINI Summer Camp is very unique from most camp experiences.  What are some of the exciting and unforgettable activities these campers will get to enjoy? 

Spa Day: Our campers will enjoy a day of relaxation. We create a mini spa like experience at the GEMINI Academy.  The girls will unwind while making and doing their very own face scrub and face mask. Afterwards they will get an opportunity to sit back and do a sponge paint manicure.

New this year: DIY – Make your own face scrub.


Make-Up & Skin Care: What better way to learn all about make up than from a trained professional?  At GEMINI our instructor is a certified make up artist which means our campers will be learning from one of the best!  Campers will be taught all about the importance of washing their face as they go through a skin care routine with their instructor.  Next they will learn and practice various make up techniques suited for their specific age group.  The instructor will explore a variety of make up colours with them and help the girls find the best colours for their skin tones.

New this year: DIY – Make your own Lip gloss! This year, campers will make their own lip gloss by following a step by step plan and mixing all the right ingredients.  The perfect souvenir to remember their fun week at GEMINI!

Hair Styles & Trends:  These young ladies will learn some simple and glamorous hair styles.  As well as some tips and techniques to keeping hair healthy and clean! We can’t wait to show them how to curl their hair with a straightening iron and explore the use of  twists and braids.


Fashion: GEMINI is excited to see our campers unique and personalized fashion!  Throughout the week they will explore different fashion trends, styling and develop their own personal sense of fashion.  

New this year: The campers will get an opportunity to meet a local Fashion Designer; as well as get an opportunity to tour Sweet Peach Design Studio and meet a Costume Designer!


Photo Shoot & Fashion Show: What better way to show off what the girls have learned throughout the week than to have a photo shoot and put on a fashion show? Our campers will get to demonstrate all of the photography posing they have learned in a mini photo shoot. They will also not only model in a fashion show, they get to produce it! Family & friends get your cameras ready, because you are on our guest list.



So, what are you waiting for!  Sign up now as spots fill up quickly.  For more information, a list of the summer camp schedule and to register that special girl, click this link: GEMINI Website

Be sure to check out our video on Summer Camps!:



GEMINI Model’s Word of The Year 2014

January is a favourite time of year at GEMINI Models, not only is it a chance to reflect on the past year but it is also a chance to set goals and dreams for the future.  One of GEMINI’s long standing traditions is the ‘Word Of The Year’.  The goal in creating a word of the year is to decide on one word that you want to focus on.  It doesn’t matter what the word is, it just needs to mean something to you.

Here are the words our staff came up with this year!

Audrey W
Audrey Wilson – President & CEO

Word of the year: Love

Each year I put great thought into my “Word of the Year”.  How will it inspire me throughout the year and how will I then inspire others?   I am reminded of my “Word” every day  as it sits in a pretty frame on my office desk.

This year my word is simply …  “LOVE”.    I love how the word sounds when I say it;   I love how the word sounds when I hear it and I believe that if everyone gave more love to one another, the world would be a happier and more peaceful place to live.

Love is like sunshine, we need it to grow.   This year, my goal is to help others grow

Laurie C
Laurie Cadman – Model Booking Manager

Word of the year: Redefine.

“to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change.”

I think it’s always important to look within yourself and if there is something you’re not happy with, you should make a change. Redefining yourself if key to improving yourself. My focus this year is to appreciate my good qualities while striving to change what I don’t like.

Meaghan D
Meaghan Dietrich – Academy Director & Instructor

Word of the Year: Focus

I want to stay focused on my goals and not loose focus of my family and friends while working to accomplish these goals. I aim to focus on my career goals and not lose focus of the big picture.

Sarah D
Sarah Davidson – Professional Make-Up Artist & Instructor

Word of the Year: Today

“Why put off tomorrow, what you can do today”

Leah H
Leah Hall – Agency Administrator & Blog Writer

Word of the Year: Gratitude.

“The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Life gets hectic. The ups and downs are inevitable.   To remain happy and humble it is important to reflect upon how lucky we are. Focus on what we have, rather than dwell on what we lack.  This means being thankful for everything from the roof over our heads to the people who we are blessed to call our friends and family. Often we take the little things for granted. This year, I will make sure that the little things don’t go unnoticed.  I will make sure my friends and family realize their immense significance in my life. And finally, I will make sure that I slow down and take time to not only express but also show my appreciation.

Meet the Teacher’s Assistants!

Melanie P
Melanie Pallin – Teacher’s Assistant

Word of the Year: Excel.

 For me, this means that I want to give in 110% into everything so that I do well in everything I try.


Maura M
Maura Maheu – Teacher’s Assistant

Word of the Year:  Cherish

Between work and school, taking the time to appreciate the little things often gets forgotten. This year I want to slow down and enjoy all that I have and will accomplish. Make memories and spend time with the ones I love.

Raven H
Raven Hunt – Teacher’s Assistant

Word of the Year: Faith

I chose this word because the heart can do anything, as long as there’s faith within. Every opportunity I come across or set my mind to this year will be fulfilled if I keep faithful to my word.

Vivian G
Vivian Grandy – Teacher’s Assistant

Word of the Year: Positive

I find it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day dramas which often brings a lot of negativity in your life.  So I chose the word positive as my focus for the year so I can remember to stay positive, be happy and allow the little things in life keep me up!

Celebrating Success: Make-Up Artistry Graduate Stephanie Storm

Model: Melanie P, Artist: Steph S

Artist: Stephanie Storm
Model: Melanie P
Photographer: Ema Suvajac
Artist: Steph S Model: Mel P
Photo of Stephanie S with her model before the final photo shoot.
Artist: Stephanie S
Model: Melanie P

Meet one of our recent Make-Up Artistry Graduates: Stephanie Storm  who completed the GEMINI Make-Up Artistry Program in fall 2013.

Stephanie Storm is a creative adventurist. She loves to make things. From fashion to fairy wings and everything in between, she looks forward to new design challenges all the time. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Stephanie started her own clothing label glyphiks, a few years later she started hand painting silk and making fascinators. Recently she decided to embark on a whole other adventure, making artisan crafted cosmetics that are completely natural. This next step in her creative career was a direct effect of the Make Up artistry program at Gemini Models. The idea came after extensive research and countless trips to cosmetic stores in the quest to stock her MU kit with natural, animal friendly, non toxic cosmetics. Although in its infancy, Zephyr Creative Cosmetics has already received an enthusiastic response from friends and family and in the future will be available for sale online at While Stephanie continues to develop her cosmetic line, she will also focus her attention on  meeting new clients and perfecting her skill as a certified make-up artist.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stephanie’s Goals:

“My goals heading in to the program were to mostly to expand my creative career and enhance my fashion background with the ability to apply make up in a professional manner. I have styled a few photo shoots in my past and I always lacked a bit of confidence in my make up skills. As the program evolved and I started to make cosmetics, my goals increased to include testing my product whenever possible during class and styling my entire photo shoot with make-up that I made!”

“My future goals is to take my new skill as a make- up artist and use it to enlighten my clients and make them aware of the wonderful benefits and quality of natural artisan crafted cosmetics that are sustainable, free of toxic ingredients and environmentally friendly. In the future I plan teach others how to make their own cosmetics and let them discover the many rewards of green beauty and natural ingredients.”


“Gemini Models Make-Up Artistry program inspired me to make my own cosmetics! I probably would never have ventured down this path if I didn’t take the course and receive the most amazing lessons taught by professionals that were so inspiring and motivating. Moving forward in my career I feel that I have the confidence and ability to take on anything!

“A memorable moment for me occurred during our practical exam. I was getting very frustrated with applying false eyelashes and Sarah came over and was so calm and helpful. She explained why I was having difficulty. I made the rookie mistake of buying cheap eyelashes! I felt much better and more informed after the whole experience.”

“I loved the small intimate size of the class. It was an excellent environment to ask lots of questions.”

One of the final edits.  Artist: Stephanie S Model: Melanie P

Artist: Stephanie S
Model: Melanie P
Photographer: Ema Suvajac

We loved Stephanie Storms creative make-up design for her final photo shoot! It was evident to see she had put a lot of work into preparing for the shoot and it definitely paid off.  The photos look amazing! (The photo at the very top of the page and the one to the right is the final edits from that shoot) We are inspired by her creative talent and drive for creating cosmetics that are environmentally friendly. Stephanie was a delight to have in class and we can’t wait to work with her in the future & test out her new cosmetics!


GEMINI Models is now enrolling for Spring 2014 make up artistry course.  Beginning February 5, 2014, this 13 week certification course runs Wednesday evening from 7-9pm.  If you have ever considered a career in make-up artistry or if you are looking to further your make-up application skills, sign up now before spots are filled!  For more information on the program & to apply visit our website: Make-Up Artistry Website & also be sure to like us on Facebook: Make-Up Artistry Facebook Page

Check out the final edits from some of our other talented students from fall 2013 make-up artistry program:

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