A Note from A GEMINI Parent

Hello GEMINI Girls,
I’m sure you have heard this thousands of times before but THANK YOU for running such an amazing academy.  This past year has been my daughter’s favourite by far and it was because of the diversity of the Elite Program.
My Daughter has always enjoyed the photo shoots and learning the proper ways to use makeup and style her hair.  However the introduction of the public speaking and getting the chance to be an Ambassador at Conestoga Mall for Black Friday, working with Santa at Christmas, and representing Gemini at the Total Woman’s Show and the Fashion for Life event just pushed this year over the top.  It introduced her to more than just looking good and feeling good about herself.  It showed her how she can then pass it on by helping others and changing their worlds for the better even if it is just by making them smile.
I know she will use these skills as she continues on her life journey.  They have already helped secure her a position on her high school student council.  She wasn’t afraid to present herself during the interviews and knew how to remain calm and poised.  I’m sure she and her fellow GEMINI grad will be a positive force on their school’s Student Council next year.
Thank you again!  I will continue to send my friends to your Academy with their daughters.  It was so fun to see so many of them in your year end show.
Juanita Arnold

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