GEMINI Summer Camp 2014!

GEMINI Summer Camp is a one-of-a-kind Girl School designed for girls Ages 5-16. Since GEMINI was founded over 30 years ago, we have inspired thousands of girls in both our Summer Camps and in our Full Year Programs. GEMINI has helped spread smiles  in every shape and size. Check out some of the ‘Insta-memories’ created from this year’s camps!

The Runway:

RunwayThe first activity taught the girls how to walk on the runway. The girls learnt the latest Tips and Tricks of the runway. The instant they stepped on the runway you could see their confidence starting to build. By the end of the day the girls were walking around on Cloud 9 thrilled with their accomplishment of mastering the runway.

DIY & Spa Day:

Image-1 (3)Campers were thrilled to meet Stephanie Storm, Fashion Designer and Make-Up Artist. She helped them to make their own Lip Gloss.


The Full Day Pre-Teen campers rolled up their sleeves and created a hand crafted and personalized Tulle Tu-Tu!

FacialsNo GEMINI Camp would be complete without relaxing facials, head massages and calming clay masks with cucumbers. A great way to learn the importance of proper skin care.

Meet a Designer:

Sweet PeachOur students were lucky to meet designer Mandy of Sweet Peach Costumes. They were able to tour through her studio and gain insight into the creative world of a designer. Some girls were able to try on some samples of items in their different stages of creation! We can’t wait to see Sweet Peach’s first line come out in 2015!

Good to Be a Girl

photo (7)The girls loved getting dressed up and doing their hair, nails and make-up however they also loved getting outdoors. Campers enjoyed the sunshine and some fun skipping.

Photo Shoot:

Photo ShootThe girls loved expanding their Passion for Fashion! Using all of their new styling tips, they were given the opportunity to style their own Photo Shoot.  They put together their outfit, choose their hair style, their nail colour, their make-up and last but not least their poses! What an exciting day for the girls as they appeared as the cover model in their very own Model Photo Shoot.  What could be more fun then staring in their very own Photo Shoot? Staring in their own Fashion Show of course!

Fashion Friday!

Image-1 (4)Fashion Show Friday is by far the highlight of GEMINI Camps. The confidence and self-esteem shown during their Fashion Show is hard to match. The girls worked as a team to develop a one-of-a-kind Fashion Show.  They selected music, outfits and dreamt up fun choreography to rock the runway. With a bounce in their step and a smile on their face, the girls put on their Fashion Show for friends and Family! At the end of the Fashion Show the girls were presented with their Photo Shoot Cover Photo!

photo (8)



We measure success in the smiles on their faces! Needless to say our 4 weeks of campers had a blast at GEMINI Camp.  Are you interested in signing your daughter up for Gemini Summer Camps? We still have 2 weeks left and a few spaces available – Check out our Website to register today!

Here is our Summer Camp Video:


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