GEMINI Model’s Word of The Year 2014

January is a favourite time of year at GEMINI Models, not only is it a chance to reflect on the past year but it is also a chance to set goals and dreams for the future.  One of GEMINI’s long standing traditions is the ‘Word Of The Year’.  The goal in creating a word of the year is to decide on one word that you want to focus on.  It doesn’t matter what the word is, it just needs to mean something to you.

Here are the words our staff came up with this year!

Audrey W
Audrey Wilson – President & CEO

Word of the year: Love

Each year I put great thought into my “Word of the Year”.  How will it inspire me throughout the year and how will I then inspire others?   I am reminded of my “Word” every day  as it sits in a pretty frame on my office desk.

This year my word is simply …  “LOVE”.    I love how the word sounds when I say it;   I love how the word sounds when I hear it and I believe that if everyone gave more love to one another, the world would be a happier and more peaceful place to live.

Love is like sunshine, we need it to grow.   This year, my goal is to help others grow

Laurie C
Laurie Cadman – Model Booking Manager

Word of the year: Redefine.

“to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change.”

I think it’s always important to look within yourself and if there is something you’re not happy with, you should make a change. Redefining yourself if key to improving yourself. My focus this year is to appreciate my good qualities while striving to change what I don’t like.

Meaghan D
Meaghan Dietrich – Academy Director & Instructor

Word of the Year: Focus

I want to stay focused on my goals and not loose focus of my family and friends while working to accomplish these goals. I aim to focus on my career goals and not lose focus of the big picture.

Sarah D
Sarah Davidson – Professional Make-Up Artist & Instructor

Word of the Year: Today

“Why put off tomorrow, what you can do today”

Leah H
Leah Hall – Agency Administrator & Blog Writer

Word of the Year: Gratitude.

“The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Life gets hectic. The ups and downs are inevitable.   To remain happy and humble it is important to reflect upon how lucky we are. Focus on what we have, rather than dwell on what we lack.  This means being thankful for everything from the roof over our heads to the people who we are blessed to call our friends and family. Often we take the little things for granted. This year, I will make sure that the little things don’t go unnoticed.  I will make sure my friends and family realize their immense significance in my life. And finally, I will make sure that I slow down and take time to not only express but also show my appreciation.

Meet the Teacher’s Assistants!

Melanie P
Melanie Pallin – Teacher’s Assistant

Word of the Year: Excel.

 For me, this means that I want to give in 110% into everything so that I do well in everything I try.


Maura M
Maura Maheu – Teacher’s Assistant

Word of the Year:  Cherish

Between work and school, taking the time to appreciate the little things often gets forgotten. This year I want to slow down and enjoy all that I have and will accomplish. Make memories and spend time with the ones I love.

Raven H
Raven Hunt – Teacher’s Assistant

Word of the Year: Faith

I chose this word because the heart can do anything, as long as there’s faith within. Every opportunity I come across or set my mind to this year will be fulfilled if I keep faithful to my word.

Vivian G
Vivian Grandy – Teacher’s Assistant

Word of the Year: Positive

I find it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day dramas which often brings a lot of negativity in your life.  So I chose the word positive as my focus for the year so I can remember to stay positive, be happy and allow the little things in life keep me up!


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