Celebrating Success: Make-Up Artistry Graduate Stephanie Storm

Model: Melanie P, Artist: Steph S

Artist: Stephanie Storm
Model: Melanie P
Photographer: Ema Suvajac
Artist: Steph S Model: Mel P
Photo of Stephanie S with her model before the final photo shoot.
Artist: Stephanie S
Model: Melanie P

Meet one of our recent Make-Up Artistry Graduates: Stephanie Storm  who completed the GEMINI Make-Up Artistry Program in fall 2013.

Stephanie Storm is a creative adventurist. She loves to make things. From fashion to fairy wings and everything in between, she looks forward to new design challenges all the time. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Stephanie started her own clothing label glyphiks, a few years later she started hand painting silk and making fascinators. Recently she decided to embark on a whole other adventure, making artisan crafted cosmetics that are completely natural. This next step in her creative career was a direct effect of the Make Up artistry program at Gemini Models. The idea came after extensive research and countless trips to cosmetic stores in the quest to stock her MU kit with natural, animal friendly, non toxic cosmetics. Although in its infancy, Zephyr Creative Cosmetics has already received an enthusiastic response from friends and family and in the future will be available for sale online at Zephyrcreative.net. While Stephanie continues to develop her cosmetic line, she will also focus her attention on  meeting new clients and perfecting her skill as a certified make-up artist.

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Stephanie’s Goals:

“My goals heading in to the program were to mostly to expand my creative career and enhance my fashion background with the ability to apply make up in a professional manner. I have styled a few photo shoots in my past and I always lacked a bit of confidence in my make up skills. As the program evolved and I started to make cosmetics, my goals increased to include testing my product whenever possible during class and styling my entire photo shoot with make-up that I made!”

“My future goals is to take my new skill as a make- up artist and use it to enlighten my clients and make them aware of the wonderful benefits and quality of natural artisan crafted cosmetics that are sustainable, free of toxic ingredients and environmentally friendly. In the future I plan teach others how to make their own cosmetics and let them discover the many rewards of green beauty and natural ingredients.”


“Gemini Models Make-Up Artistry program inspired me to make my own cosmetics! I probably would never have ventured down this path if I didn’t take the course and receive the most amazing lessons taught by professionals that were so inspiring and motivating. Moving forward in my career I feel that I have the confidence and ability to take on anything!

“A memorable moment for me occurred during our practical exam. I was getting very frustrated with applying false eyelashes and Sarah came over and was so calm and helpful. She explained why I was having difficulty. I made the rookie mistake of buying cheap eyelashes! I felt much better and more informed after the whole experience.”

“I loved the small intimate size of the class. It was an excellent environment to ask lots of questions.”

One of the final edits.  Artist: Stephanie S Model: Melanie P

Artist: Stephanie S
Model: Melanie P
Photographer: Ema Suvajac

We loved Stephanie Storms creative make-up design for her final photo shoot! It was evident to see she had put a lot of work into preparing for the shoot and it definitely paid off.  The photos look amazing! (The photo at the very top of the page and the one to the right is the final edits from that shoot) We are inspired by her creative talent and drive for creating cosmetics that are environmentally friendly. Stephanie was a delight to have in class and we can’t wait to work with her in the future & test out her new cosmetics!


GEMINI Models is now enrolling for Spring 2014 make up artistry course.  Beginning February 5, 2014, this 13 week certification course runs Wednesday evening from 7-9pm.  If you have ever considered a career in make-up artistry or if you are looking to further your make-up application skills, sign up now before spots are filled!  For more information on the program & to apply visit our website: Make-Up Artistry Website & also be sure to like us on Facebook: Make-Up Artistry Facebook Page

Check out the final edits from some of our other talented students from fall 2013 make-up artistry program:

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