Santa Claus at Conestoga Mall!

imageSanta’s Back! It’s easily arguable that the winter holiday season is one of the most heart warming, and memorable times of the year.  It’s a special time of year where we get an opportunity to take a moment away from our busy lives and appreciate the things that are important to us.  It’s a time for family, for good food, giving thanks and maybe even a present or two!  Without a doubt there is one thing that makes the holiday season meaningful, and that is our traditions.

Santa Promo 1Every family carries their own traditions, whether its cuddling up around a fire, singing carols, or setting out milk and cookies for Santa Claus (don’t forget the carrots for the reindeer!)- it’s those nostalgic moments that fill our hearts with warmth.  One of the most memorable and notable holiday traditions is visiting jolly old Mr. Claus himself. Conestoga Mall has done a phenomenal job of making this a unique and unforgettable experience.  Not only is their set unique with the “Magical Garden” theme, they also provide complementary photos that get sent to your email!  This means that all families from every economical background can enjoy this heartfelt tradition.  The photos are completely free, but they do accept donations for a different charity each year.  This year the proceeds go to an amazing organization that assist children with special needs – KidsAbility. Not only is there no charge for this service, and it’s supporting a good cause, it is also environmentally friendly.  By emailing the photos, it allows for the fairies to send you more than one photo while at the same time being green and saving resources.  GEMINI Model’s could not be more thrilled to be apart of this experience as we transform from everyday people into ‘Magical Garden Fairies’ to truly bring the set to life. (Be sure to watch the video below that explains the story behind Santa’s Magical Garden)

Santa Claus made his way from the North Pole on November 16th to be apart of the KW Santa Claus parade.  Afterwards he headed over to Conestoga Mall to greet the excited and anxious families waiting to get their photo taken with Santa and to share their holiday wish list!  During the first day, the children waiting in line got to watch a magician do magic tricks and also got to chat with one of our Magical Garden Fairies.  The adults had the opportunity to register online with their smart phones which made the line go very quickly!

Conestoga Mall Santa Display
Conestoga Mall Santa Display
Cat: Mookie

Pet Santa Night: November 17th, Pet lovers from all over the region met up at Conestoga Mall for an opportunity to participate in Pet Santa Night.  Conestoga Mall offered a night where pet owners could bring their dogs and cats into the mall (after hours) to take photos with Santa Claus.  A huge thank you to the members of the KW Humane Society who were at the set to hand out treats and make sure your furry family members looked their best.  All donations from that evening went to the KW Humane Society. Some of our fairies even got the opportunity to participate- check out Mel P and her cat Mookie (photo on the left)  Be sure to check out their website here: KW Humane Society Website

KidsAbility: Each year Conestoga Mall chooses an organization in the region to donate the Santa Display donations too.  Last year we were able to raise over $15,000 for KidsAbility and are hoping to beat that number this year!  Conestoga Mall has decided to donate the proceeds from this years Santa Display to KidsAbility. This remarkable organization assists children with special needs.  They provide therapy,training, different resources for families and children with a variety of special needs ranging from developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and communication difficulties. For more information on KidsAbility please visit their website: KidsAbility Website

Photo from Santa Promo 2012 Proceeds went to KidsAbility
Photo from Santa Promo 2012
Proceeds went to KidsAbility
Photo from Santa Promo 2009  Proceeds that year went to Childrens Wish Foundation
Photo from Santa Promo 2009
Proceeds went to Children’s Wish Foundation


Other inspiring events: 

Oh Christmas Free: December 7th, a Fairy joined Santa Claus at KidsAbility to bring Christmas Spirit to the children and their families.  While Mr. Claus and one of the Magical Garden Fairies visits KidsAbility, Conestoga Mall sent a bus to bring the parent to the mall to do some holiday shopping.  The children will get an opportunity to talk with Santa, share stores and get their photo taken.

Grand River Hospital Pop Up: Santa Claus and one of the Magical Garden Fairies will be bringing the holiday spirit to the Children’s Ward of Grand River Hospital.  This allows for children in the hospital to visit with Santa without having to leave the hospital.

Project Read’s Family Literacy Day: Project Read organized with various libraries and other organizations to show their support for family literacy days by having story time with Santa.  This event took place every Wednesday in December between 12-12:15pm Santa. Be sure to check out the Project Read Website.

Photos with Santa Claus: 

332714_10150421269596820_1887927131_oVisit Santa Claus: Hopefully you were able to get your photo taken with Santa this year.  If you weren’t able to make it, make sure you make Conestoga Mall your first stop next year for this unique Santa Experience and of course get in some holiday shopping at their wide variety of stores to fit all of your holiday needs!  Check out their website for more details:Conestoga Mall Website

Watch the Video: Want to find out more about the Magical Garden Theme?  Watch the video here:

We can’t wait to see you! Happy Holidays!


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