Recap of Term One: GEMINI Academy

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 7.39.31 AMLast week at GEMINI Academy the students completed term one of our full year program.  The first term is focused all on the beauty basics: current hair trends, proper skin care, perfecting nails and much more.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 7.50.36 AM
Gina’s Salon & Spa

One of the highlights from the first term was having Gina’s Salon and Spa visit the agency and speak with the students all about hair trends.  They gave the tips and tricks behind the popular hair stylings and taught the girls quick and easy ways to curl and straighten hair.

GEMINI Academy also got a visit from a few of our top models from the agency.  Marissa M, Becca G and Ashley K joined the students and spoke with them about what it means to be a model.  They talked about their favourite experiences as  as well as their goals for the further.  Offering words of encouragement and answering any questions that the students had.

Photo Shoot  Photographer: Ema Suvajac
Photo Shoot
Photographer: Ema Suvajac

To wrap up the first term, our students had their very own personal styled photo shoot.  They completed beauty shots with Fashion Photographer Ema Suvajac. Her bubbly personality and years of experience made it easy for all of our students to feel comfortable in front of the camera. (Check out some of her past work here: Ema Suvajac’s Website )

Here is a sneak peak at some of there photos! (Huge thank you to Ema Suvajac for having these ready so quickly!)

Next term is all about Runway Chic! Focusing on self confidence, different choreographies on the catwalk and learning to runway model with different props!  The students have done a phenomenal job so far this term we cannot wait to see them grow even more in term two.

We are welcoming the students back the week of January 6. Our first class back the students will get an opportunity to speak with the class about their goals for the new year and decide on a word of the year!

More Information on the GEMINI Academy, click here: GEMINI Full Year Programs

Check out a few more photos from this term:


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