GEMINI Academy – Full Year Programs – Starting Tonight!

Full Year ProgramsAfter an exciting and busy summer, GEMINI is excited to once again open its doors for the Full Year Modelling Program.  We can’t wait to meet all of the beautiful young ladies that will be joining us in class this year!

First class begins tonight- Monday, October 7 at 6 pm starting with the Advanced Teen Modelling Course. This program is designed for the ladies who have completed one of our other Modelling Programs and would like to pursue modelling on a professional level.  This course kicks it up a notch by teaching more complex hair and make up techniques and gives an in depth lesson on auditions, fashion shows and photo shoots.  Throughout the term there are a variety of different photo shoots where GEMINI brings in a top photographer from the region to shoot with the girls.  This shoot gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their ability, progression and creativity.  Last year we were blown away by the imagination, professionalism and outcome of the Advance Teen Model photo shoots and we cannot wait to see how the students do this year!

Next Week: Tuesday, October 15 is the second night of classes with Pre-Teen & Teen Modelling. It’s a wonderful starting point for any girl who has expressed interest in the world of fashion, beauty and modelling!  Not only will these young ladies learn all about the fashion world they will also learn valuable life skills varying from proper skin care and grooming techniques to how to how to prepare for interviews or auditions.  We love watching the growth of confidence in all of these ladies throughout the course.  It definitely aids in the critical years where young girls develop her own personal sense of style, grace and self confidence.  These ladies will also get an opportunity to partake in photo shoots with top photographers from the region where they can show off what they learned and start to build a portfolio.

Wednesday, October 16th we start off the night with Just For Girls Modelling course for little ladies aged 5-9 years old.  We believe that building a positive self-image should begin in the early years and we love helping the girls develop their self confidence!  In the past, these young girls have loved getting to make new friends, learn about healthy habits, having mini dance parties and hang out on the runway!  They will also get an opportunity to do a few photo shoots throughout the course, a perfect chance to capture their innocence and show off their true beauty!

Courses run from Monday – Saturday, ranging from the 5 year olds in the Just for Girls class to the more experienced ladies in the Advanced Teen Modelling Program. For more information on what courses are offered on what night please refer to the class schedule here:

More information on Full Year Programs can be found here:

If you are interested in the Full Year Programs but aren’t too sure if it’s for you or not sure if you can commit to a full year?  Sign up for one of our PD Day Programs!  For more information please visit:


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