A World of Style – Your chance to WIN!

This Fall GEMINI is working alongside Conestoga Mall to put together a display inspired by fashion from around the world.

World style

Every 2 weeks we will change up the display to showcase fashions inspired from across the globe! We started our fashion adventure in New York and will travel next to Paris and finish off in London.

Style 2

It is our goal to inspire shoppers to explore the stores of Conestoga Mall and to develop their own trendy styles inspired by the fashion hot spots.

What a better way to inspire shoppers than with a chance to WIN a $1000 H & M Shopping spree and $2,000 travel voucher. There are also chances to win $25 Mall Gift Cards.

Check out this video for more information:

For rules & regulations:  http://admin.conestoga.alogient.com/CMS/Media/Preview_1573_62_en-CA_0_A_World_of_Style_Terms_&_Conditions.pdf

Check out some of the looks so far:

Style 1Style 8Style 3style 4Style 9

Style 7World of style


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