End of Second Term

Whats New With The GEMINI Students? Second term has been extremely busy.  After their ‘Word of The Year’ Class the models got an opportunity to practice their dance moves in a health and active living class where they learned some basic Zumba moves and talked a bit about the importance of healthy active living and nutrition.  They have also been busy perfecting their runway walks, and learning all about the importance of a Model’s Bag is, and what to pack in it. The rest of the term they will be focusing on preparing and planning for their second photo shoot!

Term 1 Beauty Photo
Model: Maura Maheu
Ema Suvajac Photography

New this year, GEMINI has introduced having a photo shoot at the end of each term.  This is an amazing chance for them to build their portfolio and improve their confidence in front of the camera. First term was focused on Beauty. The girls learned skills like how to do natural beauty make-up, tips and tricks with hair care and styling and how to pose for a Beauty Photo Shoot.  The last class before their winter break was their Beauty Photo Shoot with photographer Ema Suvajac.  The photos turned out absolutely gorgeous!  To the right is a sneak peak of one of our students, Maura, from the Beauty Photo Shoot. Second term’s photo shoot for the Just for Kids, Pre-Teen and Teen Modelling Class is dedicated to showing off their Fashionista style. To prepare for the shoot, they will be covering topics like proper grooming, and discussing some of the latest fashion trends as well as learning how to pose for full body shoots.  The instructors are helping the students discover and bring their own personal style to life.  We can’t wait too see what colourful and unique outfits the Models have planned for their Fab Fashion Photo Shoot.

Term 2 Pop Of Colour
Model: Katie Becker
Brian Limoyo Photography

So far in second term for the Advanced Teen Modeling Class have already completed a Photo Shoot  photographer Brian Limoyo on a shoot surrounding the theme, Pop of Colour! Each of the girls came to the shoot with fun bright make up and dressed head to toe in a colourful and unique outfit.  The girls described Brian Limoyo as “fantastic to work with!”  He made the Models feel comfortable behind the camera and helped give them direction if they felt nervous or stuck for poses.  We can’t wait to see the finished product! The Advanced Teen Modelling Class also got the opportunity to audition for one of the city’s largest fashion events: Fashion For Life. The fashion show is in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, with a goal to raise $70,000 which will go directly toward the “Wheel of Hope” program which provides 1,500 rides a year for children with cancer needing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment.   GEMINI held a casting for the Advance Teen Models during their class time and the girls had the opportunity to interview with the buyers from INSIGHT Eye Care.  Preparing for the audition consisted  of a mock interview.  They discussed frequently asked interview questions, and the

Julia - Insight
Term 2 – INSIGHT Eye Care Photo Shoot
Model: Julia Clements
Ema Suvajac Photography

importance of knowing about the company they will be modeling for.  The students also wore eyewear from INSIGHT Eye Care for their term 2 Photo Shoot.   To preping for the fashion show and photoshoot they learn about applying Make-Up suitable for an Eyewear Photo Shoot and will be taught by Make-Up Artist Avery Robinson and Carrie Tibbs. Congratulations to Julia Clements for being chosen to Model in Fashion For Life!  To the right is a photo of Julia modeling eyewear from INSIGHT Eye Care. Stay tuned for more information on Term 3 as the girls prepare for their final Photo Shoot and their Graduation Fashion Show!


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