This Week In Class: Word of the Year

Written by: Leah H – Agency Administrator

This Week In Class

January 21, 2013

   These past two weeks at GEMINI have been very exciting as we welcome back the girls from their enjoyable holiday break.  Whether they were lucky enough to travel during the holiday or just have a relaxing few days off with their families, all of the students were enthusiastic to begin term two at GEMINI!

     In the Just for Kids, Pre-Teen and Teen Modelling courses, term two is all about getting the girls up on the runway.  Classes include everything from runway choreography, turns and techniques, to learning what to pack in a Model’s Bag for fashionshows and for auditions.  This leads up to their end of term Fashion Photo Shoot.

Writer – Leah H

The Advanced Teen girls will be working on building their modelling portfolio with classes on goal setting, posing for beauty ads and ending the term with an Audition for Fashion For Life, one of GEMINI’s extraordinary annual Fashion shows!

For all of our girls the first returning class January is focused on their ‘Word of the Year’, which has always been a personal favorite of mine.  For many of the girls this is a new approach to the typical New Year’s resolution, but many find it much easier to accomplish and stick with.  The theory behind the word of the year is simple.  Students pick one word to focus on.  The word can be anything that will inspire them and encourage them towards their 2013 goal.

I have the opportunity to assist in the Saturday morning Just for Kids Modelling class, and during their ‘Word of the Year’ class I had the privilege to watch these wonderful girls turn into highly motivated young ladies.  After discussing different words, their meanings and what the word might mean to them personally, the students each picked a word that seemed to match them perfectly.  Hope, fun, accomplish, and growth were just a few of the words that inspired these 5-8 year olds.  The students then had a chance to do a small arts and craft project, where they wrote their word on a mini canvas and decorated it with glitter, sparkles and little gems!

The older classes also got a chance to discuss some powerful words and their meanings.  Their teachers took the time to assist and discuss with them a word would match their goals for 2013.  The girls are encouraged to place their words in a picture frame and set it somewhere they will see each and every day, in hopes that it becomes a constant reminder to inspire and encourage them to stick with their goals.

I still remember my first ‘Word of the Year’ class over 5 years ago!  Audrey, the owner of GEMINI, was teaching the class and I was so mesmerized by the idea that I have had a ‘Word of the Year’ every year since.  Watching the Just For Kids girls look just as excited as I must have been during that class is so inspiring.  I can’t wait to see how the girls grow and apply their word to their everyday life.

I’d like to challenge you to come up with your very own ‘Word of the Year’ that inspires and encourages you.  If you find a word that you’d like to share with GEMINI, please post it on our Facebook page.


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