Click Here to See the Student Calendar 2014-2015

Hello Students! 

Misplace your book? Forget what you’re doing in class today? Need a quick way to check what you missed?  Look no further!  Here is an online resource for you to use in case you need to quickly check the class schedule! So, while your surfing through Facebook or texting your friends – take a minute to look over the class calendar to make sure you’re prepared for class! (and maybe.. since your here- check out the blog and what GEMINI has been up to lately!) 

How it works: 

Simply click on your class day and time and it will pop up with a description of the title of the class.  Be sure to refer to your workbooks for additional information.

If you use google calendar you can even copy the event to your personal calendar to guarantee that you will always be prepared for all photo shoots & auditions!

Any Questions? Comments? Concerns? Issues with the Calendar? Email:


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